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Boxing champion, physiotherapist, businesswoman, coach and novelty cake baker extraordinaire. Introducing Alexis Pritchard, the first Kiwi woman to win an Olympic bout in 2012.

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Alexis Pritchard

13 April 2018

Result: Alexis Pritchard won bronze in boxing for New Zealand at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

As proud sponsors of Alexis Pritchard, we've teamed up to show our support and encourage a true Kiwi champion.

Alexis Pritchard

Photo: Finn Cochrane

In case you missed the news, Alexi has been selected in the New Zealand squad for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, which commences on the 4th April. We caught up with Alexi for an update on her preparation for the games.

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Making A Difference

Games Preparation

13th March 2018

The NZ team is off to Canberra on the 18th March for a multi nations training camp with Australia, India, England, Wales, Northern Island and Uganda. We will spend 1 week there sharpening our mental and physical skills.

We return home to NZ on the 26th March to refresh and get cuddles and good vibes from our people and then we head off to the Games on the 1st April.

Training has been going very well. I am really enjoying it and getting more and more used to being uncomfortable.


Alexis Pritchard
Alexis Pritchard

We asked Alexis for an insight into what it's like to face your fears and fight your way to the top. This is what she had to say...

Alexis Pritchard, Olympian #1196

9th February 2018

I grew up in South Africa and landed on New Zealand soil on 24 January 2000. I was not the kid who dreamt of one day competing in a Commonwealth or Olympic Games. I just really loved playing sport and moving around. I was certainly not the best and didn't think I would ever be good enough to be a competitive athlete. I had legs that looked like sticks and in my mind they were not legs what would ever turn me into an athlete. After deciding that, I gave it little thought.

At 19 years old I started boxing for fitness and to feel better about myself. Boxing gave me purpose and direction. It made me feel confident and improved my self-esteem. In 2016, after over a decade of boxing for New Zealand on the international stage, I retired. It had taken me 12 years to realise I was "good enough" at boxing, and when I did, I decided boxing had served its purpose in my life and I could now walk away from the sport satisfied. For a brief 6-7 months I got on with life. At the beginning of 2017 I went back and forth in my head deliberating whether or not to return to the ring or get on with life after sport. In the end I decided to return to my sport to give myself a chance to compete amongst the world's best on the international stage with my new found self-belief.

People wonder how I got to the 2012 London Olympics and the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games without a solid belief. I had honed my skills in the physical performance of boxing. My mind had moments when it would come to the party and help me succeed, but then there were moments when the doubt would creep in and things would turn to custard. Some athletes know they are good enough from very early on in their careers, others take a very long time and I believe some never do. Now is the chance with this new mindset. I have a big year coming up and I am excited by the journey ahead.

When I am not training, I manage my own Physiotherapy and Personal Training practice Rebuild with Lex, my husband and I run Wreck Room Boxing Gym. I am Head Boxing Coach at Counterpunch Parkinson's which is specialised non-contact boxing classes for people living with Parkinson's Disease and I occasionally bake and decorate novelty cakes.

I love fighting for my country and I am always grateful for all the help I have received over the years from all of you in allowing me to continue to chase my boxing dreams.

xox Lex

Alexis Pritchard
Alexis Pritchard
Alexis Pritchard