Investment Scam

Fraudulent messages are currently circulating that pretend to provide investment opportunities with Champion Freight.

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Champion Freight

Fraudulent Activity

Champion Freight is a trusted brand that has been serving the New Zealand freight industry since 1999. Occasionally, people take advantage of our reputation by using our name and branding to mislead.

We do not condone this activity and take steps to limit the impact of these scams.

Freight Scam

A global scam promises freight services (via WhatsApp, email, etc.) in return for gift card payments (i.e. Google Play, Amazon, Steam, etc.).

Logistics scam

Scam Alert

We are aware of an international investment scam that may attempt to contact you by email, letter, phone or text message. Be on the lookout for websites that are illegally using our name and brand to scam potential investors.

Champion Freight does not request, via unsolicited mail or email, any payment or personal information. You should never provide this information, whether online or over the phone, unless you are sure it is for a genuine purpose.

Be on the lookout for any correspondence, from individuals who claim to represent Champion Freight, which may include a foreign contact number. We are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company with offices in Christchurch and Auckland (+64).

Scammers are always changing their approach, so it's important to remain vigilant and protect yourself.