Shipping Artwork

At Champion Freight we transport a variety of products across the world, including priceless, one-of-a-kind artworks that must be handled with precision and upmost care.

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Champion Freight

Phil Price Sculpture

Earlier this year, Champion Freight transported a 40’ shipping container from Lyttleton New Zealand to Fremantle Australia, but this was no ordinary shipment. Stowed safely inside was a large artwork, by acclaimed Kiwi sculptor Phil Price, which had been separated into various parts for the 5,500 km journey by sea.

It's purpose?

A key attraction at Perth’s annual Sculpture by the Sea event at Cottesloe beach, which is an outdoor exhibition that attracts some 240,000 visitors in just 18 days.

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Titled ‘Ipomoea’, the kinetic sculpture dynamically changes form based on wind conditions, measuring some seven metres in height when fully constructed.

Shipping With Care

Transporting a sculpture of this size, composition and value requires utmost care and planning. One bump or scratch can destroy the artwork, ruining its façade or impairing the kinetic movement of the structure (rendering it unsafe for installation).

We’re pleased to report 'Ipomoea' arrived safely in Fremantle and without blemish, going on to receive the EY People’s Choice Award and the Kid’s Choice Award. Congratulations Phil Price!