Container Ship Timelapse

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail the seas on a container ship? Wonder no more, with this stunning 4K timelapse with a bird's-eye view of the ship's main deck.

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Champion Freight

30 Days At Sea

Spanning 30 days, over 9,600 km from the mouth of the Red Sea, to Colombo (Sri Lanka), Singapore and Hong Kong, this 10 minute timelapse provides a fascinating insight into conditions at sea.

NZ Trade Maps

View New Zealand's largest commodity imports and exports by country. The results might surprise you.

Imports & Exports

From beautiful starry nights, to violent storms and dazzling lightning displays, the footage consists of over 80,000 photos and 1500 GB of project files. It’s amassed over 9 million views on YouTube since 2017, with over 28,000 comments.

NeilHD108 wrote:

  • Doctor: You have last 10 minutes to live.
    Me: Okay, play this.

The Dormuns wrote:

  • After I watch this, I felt like I had just went [sic] on a journey.

There is text-based commentary throughout providing little known insights into life at sea, including vessel berthing durations, crew shifts, navigation and maritime traffic.