Three Word Address

It's been officially adopted by eight countries and is set to revolutionise the logistics industry forever. Discover your new three word address.

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Champion Freight

Where Is It?

We've all been there... you’re provided an address, make your way there, only to find yourself second-guessing. Is this the right place? Traditional address information can be very general, or even misleading.

We can spend way too much time searching, knocking on doors, looking for the right location.

It's something we know about in the logistics industry. Finding the precise location for a delivery can cost time, resources and money.

Thankfully there is a better way, and it's set to revolutionise your address forever.

Introducing What3Words...

3x3m² Address

Find your three word address. Explore the map and discover What3Words.

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What3Words divides the world into a 3x3m² grid, with each square assigned a simple, precise and unique 3 word code (aka address).

For example, you can find the Champion Freight head office in Christchurch at stone.nods.rests

Or our Auckland branch at inform.range.solve.

Yes, they may seem a little funny, but they are easy to remember.

Here's a quick video which explains how What3Words works.

From courier delivery services, to car GPS navigation, or even buried treasure, What3Words makes it easy to locate anything, anywhere. It means no more cold pizza delivery.

GPS coordinates might seem more precise, but they are a long and complex series of numbers. A 3 word address is much simpler and user-friendly.

Some big name businesses and organisations (i.e. the UN, Dominos & Mercedes-Benz) have already thrown their support behind the concept.