Removing Fax

Champion Freight wishes to advise all customers that we will be removing our fax number due to low demand. This will be completed at the end of the month, on Thursday 31st August.

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Champion Freight


It's the end of an era. Due to low demand the Champion Freight fax (+64 3 378 0563) will be removed on Thursday 31st August 2017.

The use of fax technology continues to decline worldwide, with many larger organisations implementing this change in recent years.

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Fax Alternatives

Modern printers include a scan function, which allows you scan and send documents electronically. It's an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to faxing, which in turn reduces physical clutter and permits digital filing.

Scanned documents can be emailed directly to individual Champion Freight staff or sent to our group mailbox (team[at]

Please refer to your hardware manual for instructions on how to scan and send a document electronically.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Thank you.