Improved Shipping Schedules

Champion Freight has updated its sea freight schedules, and while they may look more or less the same, there are a number of key enhancements that go beyond ascetics.

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Champion Freight


4 May 2018

Recent carrier related changes have prompted us to review our sea freight schedules with an aim to enhance the quality of information provided. This includes a number of key 'under the hood' adjustments which help to automatically identify and amend any errors (i.e. dates) before publishing.

The result is a versatile range of sea freight schedules that are more accurate and easier to read. They additionally provide a greater selection of vessels to choose from and dates that suit your transport needs.

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Champion Freight publishes weekly sea freight schedules that offer choice, coverage and capacity for a variety of international destinations across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. View and download your copy today.

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Champion Freight ships just about anything to just about anywhere. Please contact us for alternatives schedules and options.