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Welcome to the Champion Freight Knowledge Base. Here you'll find a comprehensive repository of information, designed to help you manage and better understand the logistics industry.

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Freight Information

Take your freight industry knowledge to the next level. Browse our Knowledge Base for a range of freight related articles and introductory guides. Ideal for industry beginners, you'll find tips, statistics and the answers you need in one convenient location. Plus, we're periodically adding more articles to enhance content.

Freight Forwarding?

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Why use a freight forwarder? While some have heard the term before, few know what a freight forwarder is and what they actually do. Discover their many benefits and how they can help you.


Shipping A Car

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Eight things to know before shipping a vehicle overseas. View checklist and tips.


Top 10 Ports

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Discover the world's busiest ports (by TEU movement), and which moves more than one container every second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Busiest Ports

Top 10 Shipping

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View the world's top ten largest shipping companies by TEU capacity. 


Container Seals

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An overview of ISO PAS 17712 compliant container seals and why you need one. 

Security Seal

Shipping 101

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An introductory guide to sea freight, services and shipping rates.

Sea Freight Intro

Incoterms® Explained

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What are they, who uses them and why? Discover Incoterms® and how they benefit global trade negotiations.

Trade Terms


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Searching for a definition? Browse our freight industry glossary of terms.


Transport Statistics

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View annual transport statistics from the Ministry of Transport, highlighting continued growth for the industry in New Zealand.

Transport NZ

Bill Of Lading

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What is a bill of lading and why is it important? Discover how to avoid losing one of the most important documents in international shipping.

Lost B/L

NZ Ports

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View New Zealand's largest ports based on annual container handling volumes.


Ship Breaking

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It's a common ship disposal method that recycles raw materials from old vessels, but the practice isn't always green.

Ship Demolition


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Have a question? Find answers to common industry and service enquiries. 

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