Abundant and diverse in natural resources, Australia has enjoyed long-term economic growth despite ailing commodity prices and challenging market conditions abroad.

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Key Australian Ports

Australia's ports are crucial economic gateways, which are paramount to the nation's financial prosperity and success. In all, there are over 70 ports in Australia that support trade with every region of the world. A handful of high-volume centres are highlighted above.

Australian Market

Australia is the world's sixth largest country and significant exporter of natural resources such as iron. It features an open market economy which is dominated by a large service sector (accounting for approximately two-thirds of GDP).

The Australian and New Zealand economies are one of the closest and mutually compatible trade relationships in the world. Both countries are committed to seamless trans-Tasman trade, making it easy for businesses to import and export goods between the two Oceania nations.

Australia Freight

Champion Freight has developed a longstanding and broad agency network throughout Australia, ensuring efficient transport of stock to all states and territories. Our commercial import and export freight services include:

  • Land, air & sea freight
  • Pickup & delivery to port or door
  • Freight documentation services
  • Customs clearances
  • Project & oversized freight
  • Localised warehousing & storage
  • LCL & FCL shipments
  • Bulk, dry & refrigerated freight
  • Container packing & devanning
  • Insurance
  • Dangerous goods
  • Chartered shipping
  • Consultation

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Other Regions