Home to more than 4.4 billion people, Asia is the most significant growing economic market in the world.

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Key Asia Ports

Boasting nine of the top ten busiest ports in the world (by TEU), Asia's maritime traffic mirrors continued market growth and global economic scale. A list of significant ports are highlight above in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Japan.

Asia Markets

The world has embraced the wealth of trade and investment opportunities available throughout Asia. The region now features three of the world's top ten economies, with China, Japan and India ranked second, third and sixth respectively. Fuelled by high population, natural resources and global manufacturing demand (among other contributors), Asia has experienced unprecedented growth for decades.


With the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement (which over time will eliminate tariffs on 96% of the country's exports to China), New Zealand is well placed to extend market ties and business opportunities to the region. Statistics New Zealand figures reveal trade with China has exceeded forecast expectations, jostling in recent years with Australia as the country's primary export destination. Driven by a growing middle-income wealth and high demand for quality food products (i.e. fruit, meat, seafood, dairy, etc), China remains a key export market for construction materials and products such as timber.


Contrary to the aging populace of Western countries, India has a young and growing population that has a greater number of people entering the workforce than those retiring. The nation is now the sixth-largest economy in the world, and recently topped the World Bank's economic growth outlook. Gaps in the Indian market commodities such as lumber, wine, education, biotech and frozen foodstuffs offer considerable export opportunities for New Zealand businesses looking to expand.

A member of the India New Zealand Business Council, Champion Freight is well entrenched in the market to offer competitive logistics services.

Asia Freight

Champion Freight has the experience, know-how and advanced agency network to manage the transport of your freight throughout Asia. Members of our team have lived in the region, and are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Our services include:

  • Land, air & sea freight
  • Port to port or door to door delivery
  • Documentation services
  • Mandarin & Cantonese translation services
  • Customs clearances
  • Oversized freight
  • Warehousing & storage
  • LCL & FCL shipments
  • Bulk, dry & refrigerated cargo
  • Packing & devanning
  • Freight insurance
  • Dangerous goods
  • Charter vessels
  • Consultation

Ensure your cargo specific needs are efficiently managed from pickup to delivery. Request a free quote today, for your next Asia import or export.

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