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New Feature - Online Bookings

Champion Freight is pleased to announce the launch of its new online booking tool on Monday 7th November. It's free and feature packed with practical tools to make booking your next shipment easy.

Bookings Made Easy

Published: 4 November 2016

Quick and easy-to-use, Champion Freight's online booking system lets you conveniently make bookings 24/7 and watch the progress of your shipment from origin to destination. What's more, you can submit and view various shipping documents all in one user-friendly interface.

Make your booking online here, or follow the link from the Champion Freighthomepage.

Key Features:

Register online for access here.

Need assistance? A member of the Champion Freight team is available to help and guide you throughout the process. Contact us at any time during regular business hours for assistance.

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Online Bookings
Bookings Made Easy
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