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Our friends at Champion Containers have just launched their new website which is about twice the size of their old online home. Check it out:

New Website

Published: 12 October 2016

It's been just two years since Champion Containers redesigned its website, but as we know, the digital world moves at an astounding pace. Much has been achieved in this time, and with it consumer demand and surfing habits have evolved, opening an exciting new chapter in website design, online features and services.

For example, the number of people using their phones to surf the web has risen at an exponential rate year-on-year. Websites that don't display well on smart devices risk being left behind, as consumers look for sites that are not only easy to read on mobile devices, but offer online features that are practical and convenient.

With this in mind, Champion Containers set out to design a new online home that not only looked great, but contained information and features that could genuinely benefit the consumer. After months of work and planning, their new website has been launched.

Here's a few key features and enhancements:

See for yourself:

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Champion Containers is a national supplier of new and used shipping containers. Whether you want to buy, hire or hire-to-buy, they have a container to suit your needs and budget. Plus, they can provide delivery throughout New Zealand from a depot near you.

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