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[WATCH] Truck Near Miss

Dash cam footage has captured the horrifying moment a semi-trailer jackknifed on a country Victorian road, narrowly missing a head on with a parked truck while crashing into a car.

Dash Cam Footage

Published: 24 June 2016

Viewer discretion advised: This video contains graphic language.

Filmed earlier this year and uploaded to Dashcam Owners Australia, the footage shows a women, Helen Oliver, standing next to her car following a collision with a fallen tree. A truck, equipped with the dashboard camera, captures the unfolding scene.

Truck Driver: "You alright?"

Helen: "I came around the corner and just ran straight over it."

Suddenly a semi-trailer emerges from around the corner at speed, losing control as it skids sideways over the fallen tree.

In what can only be described as your worst nightmare on the open road, the truck appears certain to collide head on with the parked truck, only to miss by the smallest of margins as it sideswipes the car.

Remarkably, no one was injured.

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[Watch] Truck Near Miss
Dash Cam Footage
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