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It's taken two years to achieve our latest milestone, but we're finally there. Our online news now features over 100 articles and we're looking forward to publishing many more.
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New Milestone

Published: 20 November 2015

Have you read our previous article, Part 3: Full Feature Tracking? Complete with a three minute custom video tutorial detailing how to use our real-time freight tracking system, the article marks an important milestone in the lifetime of our online news and shipping blog. It's our 100th publication! Thank you for subscribing to our RSS feed and following us on social media.

Most Popular?

Since launching over two years ago we've published a wide variety of freight industry news ranging from monstrous container ships, to the world’s busiest ports. Some of these articles have been pickup on social media and widely shared across the globe, including Collision Course which featured on Reddit. Of these the most popular article has been Largest Shipping Companies which still receives thousands of views each month.

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