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Champion Freight is proud to announce the premier of our very first video commercial. It's the first of many clips to come, including help and support tutorials.
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Video Premier
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Published: 15 September 2015

Discover Champion Freight in under a minute. Take a look at our first video commercial..


The use of video content online is on the rise. Prompted by ever increasing internet speed and access across the globe, major tech companies (such as Google and Facebook) have identified a growing visual trend which has inspired ongoing change to the way we view and observe information across the web. The days of reading endless text is diminishing, replaced instead with concise visual clips, which allow the viewer to quickly absorb knowledge in a visually stimulating and entertaining way.

Our first video commercial is designed for this very purpose. To swiftly convey who we are and what we do in less than a minute. Prior to its release, online visitors might find this information spread across multiple webpages and large amounts of text. While some might still prefer ‘walls of text’, we acknowledge that many do not. Fortunately, we’ve introduced the new (visual based information), while retaining the old, allowing online guests to pick and choose the means in which they absorb information they find of interest.

Coming Soon

Our first video commercial is just the beginning. In the coming weeks and months we’ll film and produce much more visual based content. Best of all, it won’t be limited to flashy commercials and advertisements. We’re planning a range of support tutorials to help you better understand the often complex world of international logistics. This will include short and concise step by step guides to aid anyone who wishes to use our free online tracking system. Stay tuned.
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