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Video Presentations

We're adding video to our online repertoire, beginning with a brief commercial to introduce you to Champion Freight. It's just the beginning in a series of visual presentations designed to inform and help customers.

Our First Commercial

Published: 3 September 2015

We recently started an exciting new project - our very first video commercial. The intention is to condense what we do into a 50 second presentation, featuring all the bells and whistles of a professional world-class advertisement. As the old saying goes, a picture says a thousand words, but add some animation and music to stimulate the mind and you've got a sure way to inform others while optimising their time (that's the plan anyway).

Here's a bend-the-scenes look at our first commercial.

PowerDirector Commercial

While our first commercial is designed to introduce online viewers to us via YouTube (and other media channels), future videos in the pipeline will help existing customers better utilise our website resources. For example, our online tracking tool currently features a step-by-step text guide which will be enhanced with a brief clip to better support those who prefer video based tutorials.

We’re hoping to product a first commercial in the next one to two weeks. Watch this space!

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Video Presentations
Our First Commercial
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