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Shipment For Charity

Champion Freight recently assisted in the shipment of much needed medical supplies and equipment to a remote community in Papua New Guinea.

Medical Supplies

Published: 31 July 2015

If you lookup Anguganka on Google Maps, you won't find it.

Nestled in Papua New Guinea's north-western province of West Sepik, you'll be lucky to find the remote Anguganka community, living in dense tropical rainforest, at an altitude of over 500 m. Located some 160 km west of the seaside port of Wewak (as the crow flies), it can take up to 10 hours to traverse the often rugged and winding roads between the two centres.

According to a team of Kiwi humanitarians, that's precisely how long it took five trucks to journey to the remote region, arriving in May on a mission to aid the regional community. Laden with much needed medical supplies and equipment, including a large x-tray machine, the cargo was a charitable gift to locals who might otherwise suffer untreated long-term illnesses or have to travel broad distances for basic healthcare.

Medical supplies

We're happy to report all supplies and equipment were quickly distributed by the Christian charity to locals in need, following their safe arrival in Anguganka.

Medical equipment Medical shipment
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Shipment For Charity
Medical Supplies
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