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Auckland's Trams

It's been four years since Champion Freight was first entrusted with the task of transporting two vintage trams across the Tasman. This year, we're done it again.

Tram Shipments

Published: 24 July 2015

In 2011 Auckland welcomed two fully restored vintage trams (built in the 1920s) to its recently redeveloped waterfront circuit. Weighing in excess of 26 tonnes and seating more than 80 passengers between the pair, it had been almost 55 years since the gentle rumble of cable cars echoed about the CBD. A celebrated addition to Auckland's vibrant and world-class cultural attractions, the trams have proven to be popular among tourists and locals alike and we're proud of our part in bringing them here. Commissioned by Waterfront Auckland, Champion Freight transported the trams from Bendigo (in regional Victoria, Australia) to New Zealand, arriving in pristine condition with government officials and local news media on hand to honour the occasion.

Newspaper article

In the news: Our very own Chief Executive, Murray Gain, was photographed in front of the trams upon arrival in Auckland, which featured in a 2011 newspaper article by the New Zealand Herald.

Four years on and we've done it again.

On lease from the Bendigo Tramway Museum, the larger of the two trams (measuring 14.6m in length) has been returned to Australia and replaced by two more, following the purchase of similar vintage models direct from Melbourne. Boasting a classic green sheen, each tram measures 14.1m in length and 2.7m in width, accommodating Auckland's ever growing interest in the historic mode of transport.

Red tram

May 2015: Leased tram en route to Australia from New Zealand. Returned to the Bendigo Tramway Museum.

Red tram

May 2015: All care is undertaken to ensure the vintage trams arrive in perfect condition, using specalised transport equipment and expert industry knowledge.

Green trams

July 2015: Newly acquired trams shipped to Auckland from Melbourne.

Project Freight

Requiring utmost care and a range of specialised equipment to transport and manoeuvre, the shipping of trams across the Tasman underscores Champion Freight's expert industry knowledge and reputation for excellence. Request a quote today and experience for yourself the Champion Freight difference.
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Auckland's Trams
Tram Shipments
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