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Giving Back

Does your business enjoy an end of year dinner or event to unwind following 12 months of hard work? This time Champion Freight marked the occasion by giving back to the community.
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Corporate Challenge

Published: 13 February 2015

Like many other businesses across the country, the Champion Freight team typically enjoys a celebratory dinner or event to mark the end of the year in the lead up to Christmas. It's a staff building opportunity and chance to reflect on a year of hard work, while enjoying a fun outing. In previous years we've revelled in games of paintball shooting, sports car racing and a myriad of other activities any adrenalin junkie would relish.

This time we thought we'd give something back to the community.

Conducted by Corporate Challenge, Champion Freight staff were split into teams and tasked with a series of problem solving games designed for fun and competitive engagement. By the event's conclusion, each team had assembled a children's bicycle which was donated to FYD ( Foundation for Youth Development), a charity that specialises in initiatives designed to inspire and promote school aged youth throughout New Zealand.

With children on hand to collect their early Christmas presents, each bicycle was presented to smiles of delight and appreciation. Here are some photos to mark the occasion.

Donation of bikes FYD donation Girl receives donated bike Champion Freight Head Office Corporate Challenge
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