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When you think of 'drones' you might be forgiven for associating the term with a military plane, but similar unmanned aircraft offer far more versatile uses, especially to the world of logistics.


Published: 3 October 2014
By Champion Freight

Imagine you need a product from across town, such as a small stationary order or even a pizza. Traditional transport methods are often hindered by local traffic conditions which can increase delivery times and costs. Drones offer a prompt and cost-effective solution, taking to the skyís to deliver all manner of goods direct to your home or business. Once considered the stuff of science fiction, such airborne shipments may become commonplace sooner than you realise, with a number of high profile companies such as Google exploring the innovation.

Take for example the Burrito Bomber. As reported by CNN, itís a drone that can deliver Mexican takeaway with the help of a mobile app which targets your location via GPS and Ďbombsí your delivery.

There are many more examples where drone delivery technology is either building momentum or already in service. Below is the original - Amazon's quadcopter drone.

Across the globe, regional air safety regulations and suitable weather conditions may hinder drone deliveries from really taking off, but we think itís only a matter of time before you see one flying overhead.

Will Champion Freight have it's own fleet of drones? As much as we love innovation, we'll leave that to the courier companies who specialise in small deliveries.

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