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Collision Course

Weighing in excess of 26,433 tonnes, watch what happens when a 169.6 metre cross-channel ferry sets a collision course for land - but why?

Ship Breaking

Published: 1 August 2014
By Champion Freight

Originally named the MS Pride of Calais, the MS Ostend Spirit operated from 1987 to 2013 when it was eventually withdrawn from service and sold for scrap metal. The above clip documents its arrival at Aliaga, Turkey, one of the world's largest ship breaking yards.

Ship breaking (or ship demolition) is a ship disposal method which involves the breaking up of ships for recycling. Steel and equipment can be removed, sold and reused, maximising the lifetime use of materials found on board each vessel. The Costa Concordia recently arrived in Genoa, Italy where it awaits a similar fate.

Here are some more videos of ships arriving at Aliaga’s ship breaking yard. Each vessel makes an equally grand entrance.

Cargo ship
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Collision Course
Ship Breaking
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