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Champion Freight has been publishing monthly New Zealand export reports for sawn timber and logs for over 6 months and recently featured in two online news articles.

Export Reports Featured

Published: 12 June 2014
By Champion Freight

If you're a subscriber of WoodWeek or Friday Offcuts you may have noticed online articles highlighting Champion Freight’s export reports for sawn timber and logs. Described as ‘impressive’ the electronic newsletters (targeting the Australasian Forestry Industry) invited subscribers to view each report for the latest New Zealand wood export data and statistics.

Since the publication of each article, our website has been inundated with traffic from around the world, discovering the wealth of data contained within each report.

You can view the latest export data for sawn timber and logs here.

WoodWeek Article

Champion Freight publishes New Zealand export statistics, sourcing data from the Ministry of Primary Industries and Statistics New Zealand. This is a free service, updated monthly. Please contact us if you wish to republish.

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In The Media
Export Reports Featured
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