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Puzzle Time

Fancy a brain teaser to start the day and get your mind thinking? He's a quick puzzle to challenge you. Even if your knowledge of logistics is limited, you may just be able to solve this conundrum.

Can you crack the code?

Published: 8 April 2014

What does the code CFLU0641999 mean?

If you happen to visit the Champion Freight head office in Christchurch , New Zealand, you'll observe a bright yellow feature wall designed to resemble a shipping container. It won't be long before you notice the code, CFLU0641999, printed on its surface.

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Hint: The CFL stands for Champion Freight Limited. All international shipping containers share the same sequence of numbers, with the first three assigned to ownership. The forth digit is always U, which stands for Unit. What do the other numbers mean?

Scroll down for the answer....


Answer: The numbers are a date... the 6th of April 1999. Whatís the significance of that? Thatís the date Champion Freight was established, which means it's our birthday - 15 years in business! Yay!

We're proud of our history and industry reputation for excellence. This is just the beginning and we're looking forward to countless more years to come.

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