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Champion Freight League Show
Love Rugby League?

The Champion Freight League Show

If you're an avid Rugby League fan who enjoys expert commentary and game insights, then there's a tailor made radio show just for you.

Love Rugby League?

Published: 27 March 2014

Tune in to the Champion Freight League Show every Sunday from 6am (NZST - UTC/GMT +12) for all the latest League results, commentary and interviews. You can even listen live online.

Hosted by Stephen McIvor, an expert in all things League, Champion Freight has been sponsoring the show for a few years, highlighting our passion for the game. Our very own Murray Gain has even been known to drop in as a guest from time to time.

Not a Rugby League fan? Tune in to LIVESportís motorsport show.

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Updated: 28 March 2014

The latest MediaWorks press release (dated 28 March 2014) details the Champion Freight League Show line-up this weekend, with radio host Stephen McIvor.

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