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Sea Freight Containers

This week Champion Freight explores the use of shipping containers beyond the high seas and storage. Around the world they may just provide a practical housing alternative.

More Than A Rectangular Tin Can?

Published: 3 October 2013

We all know shipping containers are used to transport goods all over the world, but what of modern architectural design?

From Londonís Boxpark, to Cholulaís Container City, shipping containers appear to have made the leap from humble freight storage to dynamic contemporary design used the world over in domestic and commercial building construction. Measuring between 20ft and 40ft in length (or approximately 6m to 12m respectively) shipping containers offer a durable, cost effective and surprisingly practical means of housing which doesn't have to compromise on cosmetic appeal.


Local Cantabrians are more familiar than most of the unconventional use of shipping containers in building design. Following the devastating earthquakes of 2010/2011, Christchurchís CBD was closed to the public for close to a year as widespread demolition and repair to properties was undertaken. Faced with the urgent need to reopen local businesses while promoting a structurally secure and modern shopping precinct, the Re:Start Mall was built in just 8 weeks and today boasts 27 retailers across 61 shipping containers of various colours and sizes. Originally planned for temporary use, thereís a growing voice within the Christchurch community to retain the construction given itís contemporary, chic and unique charm.

Take a look at this brief documentary on the construction of the Re:Start Mall.

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Thinking of using shipping containers in construction or simply want to store freight for transport? Check weight and measurement specifications here.

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Sea Freight Containers
More Than A Tin Can?
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