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Tracking Terms Of Use
Terms & Conditions

Tracking Terms Of Use

Our free online registered freight tracking service is subject to the following terms. Please read through carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Terms & Conditions

When using any of our online account services you agree to the terms outlined below. Please note, agreement of these terms is compulsory, requiring mandatory selection of the field titled ‘I have read and accept the terms of this service’ (hyperlink address to this webpage) which is required at the time of registration, and extends to all subsequent account users and use.
  1. Through use of Champion Freight’s online account services, you have authority to act on behalf of your business employer to, i) register for account access, ii) view private information relating to the business, iii) edit account information (such as password information required at the time of login).

  2. You will notify Champion Freight within reasonable timeframes, either by phone or email, if you no longer have approval to act on behalf of the business, to use, view or edit online account information, at which time Champion Freight will terminate or suspend access at the earliest possible time.

  3. Portions of our online service can be activated or suspended at any time providing users with position appropriate access consistent with business authority needs. This may require access to view freight tracking information, but not account data such as invoices (or visa versa). In such cases, it is the responsibility of the business to notify Champion Freight of their requirements both at the time of registration or at any time following, should employment authority change.

  4. Protection and security of account data (including login credentials) is the responsibility of the user and/or business. Champion Freight will not be held liable for any damages, direct or otherwise, should this information be passed on or used by others. If further business personnel require account access it is suggested they complete separate registration requests. Champion Freight does not recommend or encourage users to share their personal login credentials with others, even work colleagues. It is the responsibility of the user and business to immediately contact Champion Freight should a security breach occur or if protection of username and password credentials may have been compromised. In such cases, Champion Freight may recommend suspension, termination or modification of account access to protect customer privacy. Champion Freight adopts appropriate and reasonable security measures to protect the collection, processing and storage of personal information consistent with New Zealand laws and the Privacy Act of 1988.

  5. Should you be dissatisfied with any portion of this service or terms, we recommend discontinuing use as your sole remedy to avoid further dissatisfaction.

  6. To the maximum extent of the law, Champion Freight will not be held liable for any direct or consequential damages arising from these online services, including tracking accuracy, which is subject to data entry of key transportation milestones by Customs, shipping lines and other applicable third parties, which is beyond our control.

  7. Champion Freight reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate our online account services, in part or full, at our discretion and without prior warning including amendment or modification of these service terms. Champion Freight will not be liable for any damages, direct or otherwise, in the event of such modification, suspension or termination of its online accounts service.

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