Tipping Competition Rules

Please carefully read the following tipping competition rules before entering. Contact Champion Freight if you have any questions or require further assistance.

How To Play

Competition Entry:
Free and exclusive to all Champion Freight business customers, their staff and selected third parties (i.e. service providers).

Points are determined based on the following scoring system:

Joker Round:
Tipsters can select x1 Joker Round per season to double their score for that round of play. Once the bonus has been applied, a 'J' will be added beside the player's alias on the competition ladder, indicating use.

Default Tips:
A default of the lowest score of any player per round, -1 point, is applied under the following circumstances:

Weekly Prizes:
There are no weekly prizes.

Seasonal Prizes:
The following seasonal prizes are awarded based on overall highest scores (sum of SR & NRL competitions): Note: In the unlikely event of multiple placement winners, subsequent lower tier prizes will be absorb (comparable in number to each shared winner) and divided equally between these parties. For example, if there are x2 competition winners in 1st place, they will be awarded 2nd place prize money in addition to 1st place takings (total $800). The new sum will be split equally amongst them ($400 ea), with the previous 2nd place winner awarded 3rd place prize money ($100). In such an occurrence, the tipster in 3rd place will not be awarded any prize money. Similarly, if there are x3 or more 1st place competition winners, they will each be awarded an equal share of all prize money. In this example, no 2nd or 3rd place prize money will be awarded to subsequent parties. This rule ensures higher tier winners are rightly awarded more prize money than lower tier placements.

Term of Competition:
The competition commences at 5:00 PM on Friday 26th February 2016 and includes Super Rugby and NRL round-robin matches, finals, Australian State of Origin, Kiwi League and All Black test matches.

Weekly Tipping Deadlines:
Weekly tips must be submitted before these deadlines.

Golden Point:
NRL match results are determined following 'golden point' overtime.

Other Terms:
The following additional competition terms apply:

Who is The Phantom?
Some say The Phantom is a ghost, but no one really knows. Like Top Gear's 'The Stig', he (or indeed she) is an enigma. Checkout their weekly tips to use as a guide, but be warned - they're not always reliable. Reference at your own risk.

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