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Glossary: T To Z

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From 'TACT' to 'zonate', explore Champion Freight's T to Z of logistics and shipping terms. Please contact us if any of the definitions provided require further clarification, or if you wish to recommend a word or phrase.


The Air Cargo Tariff.

Tare Weight

The weight of an empty shipping container.

Tax Invoice

Marked ‘Tax Invoice’ it is a receipt of payment which includes taxation values such as GST.


Abbreviation for Twenty-foot Equivalent Units, the TEU is an international measure of cargo capacity aboard a ship.

Third-party Logistics Provider

Sometimes abbreviated 3PL or TPL, a third-party logistics provider is an outsourced business providing freight services such as transport, warehousing, cargo packing, etc.


Transit Time.

Turnaround Time

The duration of a ship at port, from arrival to departure.


Unit Load Device. A type of container or aircraft pallet.


A person or company who supplies and sells goods.


The loading of cargo into a shipping container.


The storage of goods within a warehouse facility.


Documenting shipment details and instructions, a waybill is a common freight document used in the transport of goods.


Please refer Pier.


Fees and charges relating to the use of port facilities including the loading, unloading and handling of cargo.


Dry. Containing little to no moisture.

Yard (YD)

1yd = 0.91440m.


Year To Date.


Marked and divided into zones.

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