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Champion Freight's online resources have been designed with you in mind - to be helpful, informative and practical. Best of all, they're free and available day or night wherever you may be.

Shipping Containers

Find metric and imperial dimensions, weights and capacity for common shipping containers ranging from 20ft and 40ft general purpose, high cube, refrigerated, open top and flatrack varieties.

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Glossary Of Terms

Navigating the jargon rich world of logistics can be confusing. Find definitions to common shipping and freight aconyms, words and phrases using Champion Freight's online Glossary of Terms.

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Area Calculator

Quickly convert imperial and metric area measurements.

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Length Calculator

Convert imperial and metric lengths using Champion Freight's length calculator.

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Volume Calculator

Champion Freight's volume calculator lets you quickly convert metric and imperial volume measurements.

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Weight Calculator

Imperial and metric weight conversion calculator.

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