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Abbreviation for sea damage.


A trade embargo or restriction imposed following political opposition between two or more countries.


A shipping schedule, or schedule, is a planned list or order of ships, their port of call, departure dates, etc.


A consignment of goods shipped.


A person or company that transports freight by land, air or sea.

Shipping Agent

A person or company who prepares documents, insurance and other shipping related services.

Shipping Container

Rectangular in shape, a shipping container is a steel container commonly measuring between 20ft and 40ft in length, primarily designed to store goods for transportation by sea.

Shipping Lines

Please refer carriers.

Shipping Mark

Freight identification symbols, letters or numbers.

Shipping Weight

The total gross weight of a shipment.


The side of a ship to the right of the bow.


The back end of a vessel.


To store goods or packages.


The act of loading freight into a shipping container.

Supply Chain

The end to end logistical management of products, from raw materials and manufacture to final consumer.


Additional fees and charges.
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