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Glossary: P To S

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From 'packing' to 'surcharge', explore Champion Freight's P to S of freight and shipping terms. Please contact us if you require further information and assistance.


Can refer to the loading of goods inside a shipping container.

Packing List

Itemised list of packages documenting commodity, quantity, weights and measurements.


A square portable wooden platform used in the transport and storage of goods, and easily maneuvered into position using a forklift.

Palletised Freight

Freight that has been loaded and packed onto pallets for transport.

Patent Slip

An inclined plane which allows sea vessels to be hauled from the water onto a wooden cradle to facilitate external dry hull access for repairs and maintenance.


Abbreviation for a Phytosanitary Certificate. Please refer Phytosanitary Certificate.

Phytosanitary Certificate

A government document used for the import of plant materials verifying the absents of pests and disease following heat treatment.


Additionally referred to as a wharf or quay, a pier is a platform which extends from land out over water and is commonly used for docking vessels or recreational activities such as handline fishing.


Pacific International Lines (shipping line).


Cargo theft.


Proof Of Delivery. Document receipt of cargo received requiring signature authentication.


1. The side of a ship to the left of the bow.
2. A town or city where ships dock for loading and unloading.

Port To Port

Cargo delivery from port of origin to port of destination.

Pounds (LBS)

1lbs = 0.453592kgs.

Project Freight

The domestic and international transportation of freight that is heavy, large, out of gauge, high value or significant (in terms of importance to the project they are intended for). Project freight can present a number of logistical challenges that are often unique or specific to the transport item, requiring specialised equipment or machinery to move and load, government permits and licencing, etc.


A business or person who supplies food and beverages to ships.

Quality Control

Process and planning which aims to produce and sell manufactured goods of a high standard.


Please refer Pier.


Receival and Delivery. Cargo received or delivered out of port.


Refers to freight transported by railway.


A deduction or partial refund to a chargeable amount.


Please refer refrigerated container.

Refrigerated Container

Available in 20ft and 40ft length measurements, a refrigerated container (or reefer), is a cooled shipping container used in the transport of perishable or temperature sensitive goods such as meat, fish, milk, etc.

Roll-on, Roll-off (RORO)

Ships designed to load, stow and discharge cargo on wheels, such as vehicles.


When a shipment is delayed and moved to an alternative vessel for shipping.


The planned course from origin to destination a ship, vehicle, train or aircraft journeys.

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