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Champion Freight provides high quality and timely logistics services throughout New Zealand and beyond our shores. Whether by land, sea or air, we can help transport your freight, so contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

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Known for its agricultural, horticultural, fishing, forestry and mining exports, New Zealand continues to developed a strong global reputation for safe and reliable quality products, especially technical goods requiring a highly skilled and trained workforce to manufacture. With a growing middle income wealth particularly in China, commodity demands are shifting to quality or luxury goods originating from Western countries such as New Zealand. This presents sizeable income opportunities for local businesses looking to expand abroad, promoting further growth within our market niche for well made products and materials.

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Champion Freight - NZ freight forwarding and shipping services:

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As a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company with a combined top management expereince exceeding 70 years in the industry, Champion Freight has the experiences and expertise to deliver your land, air or sea freight throughout New Zealand and overseas. Backed by a strong industry reputation for reliability, we can tailor a cargo care package to best suit your needs, including further transportation services such as Customs Clearances, documentation, freight packing, fumigation, warehousing and much more. Please contact us today for further details on how Champion Freight can best service your shipping needs, or submit a free quote to review our pricing.
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