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Not Otherwise Enumerated.


Not Otherwise Indexed By Name.


Not Otherwise Stated.

Notify Party

Appearing on the bill of lading or waybill, the notify party is the person or company who is to be notified when freight arrives at destination.


No Value Declared.

On Deck Stowage

Cargo that is stowed on the deck of a ship.

On-Time Performance

Schedule adherence success rate.

Order Cycle

The process and duration of an order, from placement to receipt of goods.


Additionally referred to as ‘place of origin’, the origin is a shipment’s commencement location (i.e. specific address, port, city or country).

On Board

Cargo loaded aboard a train, ship, vehicle, or aircraft.

Open Top Container

A shipping container with a removable top or canopy for overhead loading and unloading.

Ounce (OZ)

1oz = 28.3495g.

Out Of Gauge

Cargo that does not match standard dimensions.


An export of goods.


Hired third-party service provider.

Over Land

Cargo transported by road or rail.


Charges exceeding published and agreed rates.


1. Large cargo which exceeds standard dimensions and may require specialised equipment for transport, loading and unloading.
2. A laden road vehicle that exceeds regular maximum width, height or length limits which may require special government permits, licensing, signage (ie marked ‘oversize’) and escort pilot vehicle in order to transport.
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