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Glossary: H To K

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From 'hangertainer' to 'KM', explore Champion Freight's H to K of shipping and freight terms. Please contact us if you require further information and assistance.


Specialised shipping container designed to stow clothing on hangers.


House Airwaybill.


To transport.


Abbreviation for Hazardous Material. Please refer Dangerous Goods.

Hazardous Material

Please refer Dangerous Goods.

High Density Compression

Compression of a cotton bale to approximately 32 pounds (14.5 kgs) per cubic foot.

High Cube

A shipping container which exceeds 8 foot 6 inches or 2.6213 metres in height.


The merging of two or more consignments from different originating geographical locations under one shipment and bill of lading for joint delivery.


Also referred to as a cargo hold, it is the section within a ship or aircraft designed to stow cargo.

House Bill

Please refer Bill Of Lading.


Additionally referred to as a hostler or yard hustler, a hustler is a tractor which is used to move shipping containers within a CFS or port.


International Air Transport Association.


International Chamber of Commerce.


Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements.


The shipment of goods into a country from abroad.

Import License

Additionally referred to as an import permit, an import license is a government document required in some countries authorising the importation of goods and merchandise.

Import Restrictions

Additionally referred to as import controls, import restrictions are any method employed by a country to limited the import of goods and merchandise such as quota, tariff, etc.


An import delivery or shipment.

Inches (IN)

1in = 2.54cm.

Incoterms (Inco Terms)

Incoterms or International Commerce Terms are a standardisation of international trade terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce and accepted by legal authorises, governments, and agencies all over the world. They are primarily used for the authoritative and uniformed interpretation of common international trade terms to define costs and liabilities between parities.

Inland Carriers

A transport company that hauls freight inland from port.


Specified terms of compensation should goods be damaged, lost, destroyed or adversely delayed in transit.

Insurance Certificate

Official insurance document issued by an insurance company to the consignee, assuring freight is covered for loss and damage whilst in transit.

Integrated Carriers

A transport company which has hauling fleets across two or more modes of transportation, such as air and ground fleets.


The hauling of goods and merchandise by two or more different modes of transport.


A comprehensive stock list.


A bill summarising goods and services purchased and associated costs due.

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