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Our experienced staff can facilitate a broad range of domestic and international documentation services for a variety of cargo types across land, sea and air, including Customs Clearances.

Freight Documentation

Transportation of freight is more than just point A to point B delivery. There are a myriad of documentation and regulatory requirements that must be thoroughly and correctly fulfilled before cargo can reach it's final destination. Overlooked or incorrectly processed forms can result in delivery delays and further costs.

At Champion Freight our aim is to simplify the process, guiding you through any cargo specific documentation requirements and taking care of the rest. This not only provides peace of mind, but can save you time and money.

Documentation Services

Listed summary of documentation services:

Customs Clearances

As a licensed customs broker and member of the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand (CBAFF), we have the experience and knowledge to meet all import and export requirements with both NZ Customs and MAF. Beyond our shores, we can quickly and efficiently process all necessary country specific documentation services including Customs Clearances, through our worldwide customs partners network.
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