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Meaning Free Carrier, the FCA is a named place of cargo delivery which may be an airport, container freight station, terminal, etc.


Full Container Load. A shipping container carrying one consignment of goods, commonly filled or near space or weight capacity.


A port fendering system is designed to facilitate safe mooring of vessels, acting as a shock absorber to protect both the wharf and ship from damage during berthing.


Federal Maritime Commission.

Flat Rack Container

Shipping containers especially designed without sides or top for the transport of oversized cargo which are too large to fit inside standard sea freight containers.


An open platform trailer without sides for the transport of heavy or oversized cargo and containerised freight.

Foot (FT)

1ft = 0.3048m.

Free Trade

Government economic policy which reduces or eliminates import & export tariffs.


The transport of goods and merchandise by train, truck, plane and ship.

Freight Forwarder

Additionally referred to as a forwarder or forwarding agent, a freight forwarder is a business that specialises in the shipping and storage of goods on behalf of a shipper. Other common freight forwarding services include cargo tracking, containerised freight packing and devanning, insurance, Customs Clearances, etc.


A cargo ship or plane designed to carry freight.


Free On Board. Terms of trade defining seller’s and buyer’s transport responsibilities (including costs and liabilities) to port and loading.


Free On Rail. Charge exclusion for the transport and loading of goods to rail at a designated point.

Gantry Crane

Positioned on rails for parallel manoeuvring alongside vessels, a gantry crane is a large port crane commonly used to load and unload containerised freight from cargo ships.


The primary entry point (seaport or airport) to a country, territory or region.


General Order. A Customs mandate for imported goods and merchandise which remains uncleared.


General Purpose. A common type of shipping container designed to stow nonspecific goods and merchandise.


1g = 0.035274oz.


The consolidation of smaller freight consignments into one single shipment.


Goods and Services Tax (currently 15% throughout New Zealand).


Gross Vehicle Weight. The total weight of a vehicle and its load including trailers, cargo, fuel, driver, passengers, etc.
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