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Glossary: D To G

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From 'DDP' to 'GVW', explore Champion Freight's D to G of shipping and freight terms. Please contact us if you require further information and assistance.


Deliver Duty Paid.


Deliver Duty Unpaid.

Dangerous Goods

Also referred to as hazardous material, dangerous goods are potentially harmful substances such as petroleum, acid, radioactive material, explosives, biohazardous medical waste, etc that pose a high or unreasonable risk to the health and safety of people, property, flora and fauna.


Horizontal ship platform.


The transport of goods to final destination.

Delivery Order

Abbreviated DO, the Delivery Order grants the consignee title of goods following payment for services received.


To unload or unpack goods from a shipping container.


Also referred to as a detention charge, demurrage is a penalty fee relating to the late detention of a ship or freight transportation vehicle, during loading or unloading, beyond allowable specified timeframes (Free Time).


The name place in which a journey or consignment is intended to end.

Detention Charge

Please refer Demurrage.

Dimensional Weight

Additionally referred to as the DIM weight, volume weight, cubed weight and measurement weight, the dimensional weight is a method of calculating freight transportation fees with consideration to cargo height, width and length.

Door To Door

Cargo pickup and delivery to final specified address location.


Please refer Draught.


The vertical distances between the waterline and a ship or boat’s lowest point underwater.


Government tax or duty rebate applied to imported goods which are subsequently exported.

Dry Dock

A dock at port which can be flooded or drained of water to allow vessels to enter or exit, and rest on a dry platform for hull repairs and maintenance.

Dry Shipping Container

20’ to 40’ standard shipping container used to stow general cargo commodities.


A tax or tariff imposed on imports by local customs authorities.


Electronic Data Interchange – used in the transfer of data between different computer networks and systems.


Official ban or restriction of trade or commercial activity to a country.


Estimated Time of Arrival.


Estimated Time of Departure.

Ex Works

Terms of trade which places greater responsibility on the buyer, allowing goods to be picked up (without loading) at the seller’s place of business, warehouse, depot, etc.


The shipment of goods to another country.

Export Duty

Tax imposed on exported goods.


Freight All Kinds or Freight Of All Kinds is a shipping classification term, which refers to a consolidated full container load shipment consisting of mixed goods.


Free Alongside Ship or Free Along Side. Transport quote which includes physical delivery of goods to port alongside a vessel.

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