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Champion Freight provides a broad range of international freight forwarding services, resulting in greater control of consignments and ease of movement along the supply chain.

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Destination Services

Champion Freight takes pride in the wide variety of freight services we provide to destinations all over the world. Whether you need cargo delivered door to door, or port to port across the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and other regions, our expertise extend beyond New Zealand bound or origin cargo and include documentation, Customs Clearances, warehousing, cargo packing, and more.

Over the past decade Champion Freight has formed strong and enduring relationships with New Zealand's main export partners, including freight agencies scattered throughout these regions. This enables seamless end-to-end management of your freight which is both timely and secure.

If you would like to know more about the destination services Champion Freight provides, please contact us or complete a free no-obligation quote to review our pricing.

Freight Packing

Through our contracted packers, Champion Freight can facilitate professional packing of your cargo across the globe prior to transportation. Using quality materials and secure techniques, our experienced packers will ensure your valuable goods arrive safely and without delay.

We can pack and transport:

Champion Freight can additionally arrange unpacking of your freight at destination ready for door to door delivery. For more information, please contact us.

Transport Delivery

Champion Freight can pick-up and deliver your freight just about anywhere in the world. With door to door, airport to airport or shipping port to port transport options available, our timely delivery services provide you with greater flexibility to suit you and your customer's needs.


Champion Freight can arrange short or long-term storage of your valuable goods in secure warehouse facilities throughout New Zealand and aboard. Our competitive prices ensure you only pay for the space you require, allowing your stock to naturally fluctuate over time with associated warehousing fees aligned to match.

When your freight is ready for transport, Champion Freight can arrange full pick-up and delivery of your goods quickly and efficiently. In addition to this we can help you strategically locate warehouse facilities to suit your customer's needs, minimising transit costs and delays. Contact us today for more details.

Regional Freight Services

Champion Freight has formed solid relationships with New Zealand's top export partners and countries across the globe. Our key destinations include the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.
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