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Costal Services

Additionally referred to as coastwise, a coastal service is a domestic shipping route that follows a single coast.


The physical delivery of inbound cargo for immediate outbound transport, with an aim to eliminate or minimise storage time and costs.

Cubic Capacity

Measured in cubic metres and feet, the cubic capacity is the cargo carrying capacity of a ship, or shipping container.

Current Adjustment Factor (CAF)

A fee which accounts for fluctuations in international currency exchange rates.

Customs Broke

An individual or company who is licensed by the government to submit and clear goods or merchandise through Customs.

Customs Clearance

The act of passing imported or exported goods through customs, subject to documentation and physical inspection approval (where applicable), permitting cargo to enter or leave the country.

Cut & Run

A cut and run can refer to the late arrival of a vessel at port, requiring the ship to depart prematurely without loading all reserved cargo and shipping containers in order to maintain sailing schedule. Original use of the term related to the hasty departure of a vessel requiring the ship’s anchor cable to be cut in order to make sail at once.


Container Weight Declaration. Subject to country, federal or state legislation, a CWD may be required in order to transport international sea freight containers by road or rail.

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