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Chemical Tanker

A transport ship specially designed to carry chemicals in bulk.


Cost, Insurance, Freight - terms of sale quoting the cost of goods, transport insurance and delivery.

Clean Ship

An oil tanker which has removed all traces of crude and heavy fuel oils from cargo areas which can remain following transportation and delivery.


Centimetres. 1cm = 0.39370078740157477in.


Compagnie Maritime d’Affretement, Compagnie Generale Maritime (shipping line).

Code Of Liner Conduct

The regulation of shipping traffic in terms of shipment quantities between two foreign countries – 20% for owners of the country which is neither the origin nor the destination, 40% for owners of the country of destination and 40% for owners of the country of origin, as drafted under the auspices of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.


Carriage of Goods by Sea Act - United States legislation governing the rights and responsibilities between shippers and owners for all US sea freight imports and exports.


A ship used for the transportation of coal.

Commercial Invoice

Used in international trade, a commercial invoice is used for customs declaration purposes detailing the value of goods.


A commodity is a specification of products and goods, such as food, machinery, oil, etc.

Common Point

Intersection of multiple transit routes.


The consignee is a person or party who is considered to be the owner or purchaser of a consignment.


The consignor is the person or party sending a consignment.


The merging and optimisation of freight consignments into one shipment to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Consular Invoice

Required by some foreign countries, the consular invoice is a document used in international trade to certify a shipment of goods and details relative cargo particulars including commodity, consignee, consignor, etc.


A container, or shipping container, is a steel rectangular box or collapsible platform typically measuring 20ft and 40ft in length, used for the storage or transportation of goods by road, rail and sea.

Container Crane

Also known as a ship-to-shore crane, or container handling gantry crane, the container crane is a specially designed dockside gantry crane used to load and unload shipping containers to and from vessels.

Container Chase

When a shipping line urgently requests container numbers for shipments that are yet to be gated in for loading. Such information is used by the shipping line to finalise cargo manifests and loading placement/order.

Container Service Charge

Containerised freight terminal handling and storage fee.

Container Ship

Additionally referred to as a cellular vessel, a container ship is a type of freighter or cargo ship designed to transport containerised freight.

Container Stuffing List (CSL)

List of goods and how they are stowed within a shipping container.

Container Terminal

Please refer CFS.

Container Yard

Please refer CFS.

Containerised Freight

Also referred to as containerised cargo, containerised freight are goods packed into standardised shipping containers measuring 20ft and 40ft in length, ready for shipment and transportation.


The transport of freight from one location to another or the means by which cargo is transported (ie vehicle).

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