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Glossary: C

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From 'C&F' to 'CWD', explore the shipping and freight industry's use of the letter C. Please contact us if you require further information and assistance.


Cost and Freight - terms of sale quoting the cost of goods and delivery.


Passengers or goods transported between two points by sea or air within the same country.


When a vessel has turned on its side or is positioned upside-down (bottom up).


Goods and merchandise stowed on a ship, truck, train, aircraft or other vehicle for transport.

Cargo Bays

Facility or warehouse loading dock, where vehicles are loaded/unloaded.

Cargo Hold

The area within an aircraft or ship assigned to storing cargo.

Cargo Plan

Vessel loading plan, based on commodity types, quantities, weights, scheduled unloading ports and other key considerations to ensure the ship is seaworthy, efficiently loaded, and ready for departure on time.

Cargo Manifest

A transport document finalised at departure, listing all cargo (including quantities and descriptions), crew and passengers on board, for destination port authorities including Customs.

Cargo Packing

The process of loading shipping containers and pallets with goods in preparation for transport and storage.

Cargo Preference

A portion of a nationís imports and exports reserved to national-flag ships.

Cargo Ship

Also referred to as a freighter, a cargo ship is any vessel that primarily carries cargo.

Carriage Of Goods Act Of 1979

New Zealand legislation governing the transport of goods (responsibilities and liabilities) and covered under Champion Freightís terms of service (section 19.2).


1. Carriers, or shipping lines, are companies and operators of vessels providing sea transportation to shippers. 2. Vessel types, ie bulk carrier.

Carrier's Certificate

A document specifying cargo particulars, issued by the carrier and presented to customs authorities.


Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand.


Abbreviation for Customs Electronic Delivery Order, a CEDO is a Customs export entry which must be completed, submitted and approved by Customs prior to cargo export and loading to vessel.

CEDO Chase

When a shipping line urgently requests CEDO documentation and Customs approval prior to cargo loading for export.


A slot aboard a cellular vessel used to secure containerised freight.

Cellular Vessel

Please refer Container Ship.

Certificate Of Origin

Used in foreign trade, a certificate of origin documents the country in which goods were manufactured, produced, or processed amongst other important shipment details including destination, commodity, etc.


Container Freight Station. Also referred to as a container terminal or container yard, the CFS is the designated port location assigned to the storage, loading and unloading of containerised freight to and from vessels.


The leasing of a vessel and/or crew for a voyage.


The person or party who charters a ship.

Charter Rates

Trade tariffs applied for chartering tonnage.

Charter Party

Legal agreement specifying contact terms relating to the hiring of a charter vessel for a particular voyage or defined period of time.

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