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Bill Of Lading

The Bill of Lading is a legal document and receipt cataloguing goods for shipment and carriage contract terms.


Baltic and International Maritime Council.

B/L Ton

Also referred to as Freight Ton, B/L Ton is the greater measurement or weight of cargo where one tonne is either 1,000 kg or one cubic metre.


Also referred to as a Booking Request, a booking is a schedule order made in advance to transport goods and cargo.

Booking Confirmation

Document confirming freight is reserved for shipment at appointed place and date.


Also referred to as BOP, B/P is an acronym for balance of payments.


Please refer Beam.


Cargo that is not shipped in shipping containers.

Breakbulk Vessel

A general or multipurpose cargo ship which typically carries freight of various or non-uniform sizes.


The front end of a ship.


Cargo commodities transported in loose, unpacked or large quantities and stored in the hull of a vessel (or cargo hold), such as gravel, grain ore or oils.

Bulk Carrier

Also referred to as bulk freighter, bulk broker or bulker, a bulk carrier is a ship specifically designed to transport bulk commodity cargoes such as coal, cement, diesel, etc. Such goods are stored in the vesselís cargo hold.


A wall within the hull of a ship used to partition compartments for functional, safety and structural purposes.

Bunker Surcharge

Please refer BAF.

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