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Tracking Help

Online tracking made easy. Our step-by-step guides make it even easier to use and navigate Champion Freight's online freight tracking system.


The following step-by-step guides are designed to help you better understand, use and navigate Champion Freight's online tracking system, which is available free of charge to all customers. Choose from a variety of video tutorials and text-based training material to suit your needs and learning preferences.

Video Tutorials

Four part video tutorial series featuring everything you need to know about Champion Freight's online tracking system. Developed specifically for new to intermediate users, select from a range of topics to match your learning needs.

▲ Part 1: Tracking Overview - Thinking of using Champion Freight's online tracking tool for the first time? This brief introductory video tutorial provides a glimpse of the system and its functions.

▲ Part 2: Unregistered Tracking - Discover how to track your freight today without registering for access.

▲ Part 3: Full Feature Tracking - How to use our full feature tracking system and manage account passwords.

Part 4: Accounts - Coming soon.


Registering to use Champion Freight's online tracking system provides the highest level of access and information. Not only can registered users analyse detailed tracking data, but they can view invoices and other restricted account features.

Registration is free and available to all customers (shippers and consignees). It takes just 30 seconds to complete our online registration form, with prompt access provided including everything you need to get started.

Please note, you do not need to register to start using Champion Freight's online tracking system today. Some general tracking information is available via our unregistered tracking portal. Please see related help topics on this page for more information.

Unregistered Tracking

Yet to register for Champion Freight's tracking system? You can still access this great online tool for free, though information is restricted for privacy reasons to general tracking data such as ETD, ETA, origin, destination, etc.


  1. Go to Champion Freight's tracking system.

  2. Enter the 'Shipment' or 'House Bill' number into the field marked ‘Shipment/House Bill Number’. Please see image '1.1 Shipment/House Bill' (click to enlarge and view) for a screenshot of the webpage. The necessary entry field is circled in blue.

  3. Press the button titled 'View Shipment'.

  4. The tracking report will display (refer image '1.2 Unregistered Tracking').

Note: The 'Shipment' or 'House Bill' number is provided on a variety of Champion Freight transport documents including Booking Confirmations. The number must begin with 'S000' (replace 'CFL000' if displayed).

Shipment tracking

1.1 Shipment/House Bill

Tracking screen sample

1.2 Unregistered Tracking

Full Feature Tracking

Registering for Champion Freight's free online tracking service provides the highest level of access to view comprehensive tracking data and billing information such as invoices.


  1. If you haven't done so all ready, please complete our online registration form. Champion Freight will promptly supply you with everything you need to get access this system.

  2. Go to Champion Freight's tracking system.

  3. Enter your Company Code, E-Mail and Password login credentials provided at the time of registration. Please refer to the image titled '2.1 Registered User Login' (click to enlarge and view). Fields requiring entry are circled in blue.

  4. Click on the button titled 'Login'.

  5. Image '2.2 Track' displays the default post-login screen. Here you can select from a number of search criteria, but for the purpose of this tutorial we recommend you simply leave all fields blank and click on the button titled 'Find' to proceed.

  6. A list of historical shipments will display (refer image titled '2.3 List').

  7. Select the 'Shipment #' hyperlink to display more information corresponding to the record of interest. Please refer image '2.4 Tracking Record' for an example of the data documented. Please note, some information has been blacked out for privacy reasons in the sample provided.
Tracking entry screen

2.1 Registered User Login

Tracking screen

2.2 Track

Tracking list

2.3 List

Tracking record

2.4 Tracking Record


In addition to free online tracking data, registered users can access account billing information and invoices.


  1. Please complete our online registration form if you have not yet registered.

  2. Go to Champion Freight's tracking system.

  3. Enter your unique Company Code, E-mail and Password login credentials (provided at the time of registration) into the corresponding fields.

  4. Select the button titled 'Login'.

  5. Click on the button titled 'Accounts'. Please refer image '3.1 Accounts' (button circled in blue).

  6. Specify invoice search criteria by selecting either 'Display all transactions' or 'Display unpaid transactions' from the dropdown menu titled 'Payment Status'. Press 'Find' following selection. Please refer image titled '3.2 View Invoices' for a visual guide (click to enlarge and view).

  7. A list of invoices will display (refer image titled '3.3 Invoice List'). To download an invoice simply select the hyperlink (from the left column of the list) corresponding to the record of interest.
Selecting Accounts

3.1 Accounts

View invoices

3.2 View Invoices

List of invoices

3.3 Invoice List

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