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Why Use A Forwarder?
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Backed by Champion Freight’s extensive logistics industry knowledge and experience, find answers to common transport questions fast. Please contact us for further enquiries and assistance.


Champion Freight Services:

What is a Freight Forwarder and why do I need one?

Discover the diverse range of services Freight Forwarders can offer, designed to save you time, resources and money.

What is a Customs Broker?

In New Zealand, a Customs Broker operates under licence and can assist in the clearance of freight through customs and MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries). These agencies are collectively responsible for the vetting of imported and exported goods through random or periodic cargo inspection, in search of contraband and biosecurity risks. Beyond New Zealand, Customs Brokers will typically establish an international network of customs partners, resourcing local brokers in other countries to ensure seamless and timely clearance of international freight.

Please see our Customs Brokerage services for further details.

I'm new to sea freight. What do I need to know?

See Shipping 101 for an introductory overview of sea freight services.

Does Champion Freight transport personal effects?

Champion Freight can assist in the shipping of personal effects where a full 20’ or 40’ shipping container is required for export from New Zealand. We recommend you seek services from a reputable removal company for all imports, domestic transport requirements and small LCL shipments.

Does Champion Freight transport small parcels?

We recommend a courier for the shipment of goods in small quantities and size.

What services does Champion Freight provide?

See our list of freight forwarding services for more information.

Does Champion Freight transport refrigerated cargo?

Yes. We import and export a variety of refrigerated goods in commercial quantities.

Can Champion Freight arrange cargo fumigation?

Yes. We can arrange cargo specific fumigation in accordance with all government regulations outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Does Champion Freight offer door to door pickup & delivery?

Yes. We can pickup and deliver your goods just about anywhere worldwide.

Does Champion Freight provide freight insurance?

Yes. We have a range of insurance options available subject to commodity.

What are Champion Freight's hours of operation?

8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (NZST - UTC/GMT +12).

How much can a shipping container hold?

See shipping container specifications for range, size and weight information.

Can I track my freight?

Yes. Our free online freight tracking system is available to all existing customers, offering real-time tracking for all Champion Freight domestic and international shipments. Register today.

I'm importing/exporting a vehicle. What do I need to know?

See 8 things I need to know before shipping a vehicle abroad for helpful tips and information.

Do I need insurance?

Insurance is recommended for all shipments with a variety of policy options available to match your needs and budget.

How long does it take for a sea freight shipment to arrive?

Timeframes range from just a few days (between New Zealand and Australia) to a month (between New Zealand and North America) depending on distance, vessel frequency, space, transshipment requirements and customs clearances. Please see sea freight transit times for voyage estimates across the globe, or our latest shipping schedules for current port arrival dates.

Where can I find air and sea freight schedules?

Please see our shipping schedules for sea freight transport options throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Alternative schedules are available on request, including air freight information.

How long does a customs clearance take?

In New Zealand, clearance of cargo can be arranged in just a few hours, depending on customs congestion and inspection requirements.

What are Incoterms?

Please see Incoterms Explained for a introductory overview of Incoterms, what they are, who uses them and why they're so important to business.

Can't find the answer you were looking for? Please contact us for prompt and professional advice.
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