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Careers At Champion Freight

As a leading third party logistics provider based in New Zealand, Champion Freight has built its business on the power of relationships with an aim to form long-term connections that are helpful and friendly. It's a philosophy we apply in equal portion to our customers and staff, celebrating success and innovation, while seamlessly delivering on our promises. With customers at our heart, here are some of the attributes we look for in a candidate to join the team.

Integrity: Integrity selflessly recognises the thoughts of others, delivering the type of service experience each of us would like to receive and applying those practices to our customers. Sound integrity honours our commitments and takes responsibility for our actions in all circumstances.

Right Attitude: Our attitudes govern everything we do. From our working lives to our personal endeavours, it directs our course and determines our thoughts, words and actions. Having the right attitude can revolutionise an entire lifetime, positively influencing others to the benefit of all. At Champion Freight we welcome an outgoing, friendly demeanour that's helpful and proactive. Our likeminded team prospers from a sense of unity, working together as one for a common goal.

Goal-Oriented: Having a goal sets a path to achievement and success. Whether our aims be big long-term targets or small daily tasks, goals focus on outcomes, motivating us to embark and complete endeavours.

When you join Champion Freight you're welcomed to the team that wants to help you succeed. We consider it the beginning of a journey, where you are encouraged and empowered to achieve your daily goals and career aspirations. As an equal opportunity employer we value the achievements of our team members, where performance is based on outcomes and conduct.

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Seeking full or part-time employment in the logistics industry? Available positions are periodically listed below for anyone wanting to join our vibrant team of champions.
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Current Job Vacancies
Careers At Champion Freight
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