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Above: Common trade and sea ports throughout Asia. Champion Freight can deliver to many other destinations throughout the region.

Trade Opportunities

The world has begun to discover the wealth of opportunity within the Asian market, with the emergence of the both China and India both now featuring second and tenth respectively on the list of the world's largest economies. Housing approximately 60% of the world's population, the region is now a key export market boasting 8 of the world's 'emerging economies' within its borders. This presents considerable growth opportunities for businesses looking to expand noting New Zealand's geographical proximity serving as an advantage on the world stage.

Asia Freight Forwarding

Champion Freight import and export freight forwarding services:


With the New Zealand China Free Trade Agreement, which over time will eliminate tariffs on 96% of the country's exports to China, New Zealand is well placed to extend market ties and business opportunities to the region. Statistics New Zealand figures show China has now overtaken Australia as New Zealand's top export market, years ahead of forecast expectations. Driven by a high demand for quality food products, including fruit, meat, seafood and dairy, China remains a key export market for other construction materials and products such as timber.

Champion Freight has the experience, agency network and know how to manage the timely delivery of your consignments to the Chinese market. Our expertise extends to Mandarin and Cantonese linguistic services, ensuring your cargo specific needs are reliably delivered to meet the needs of you and your customer. Please contact us today for more information on how Champion Freight can manage all your Chinese import and export needs.


Contrary to the aging populace of Western countries, India has a young and growing population that uniquely boasts a greater number of people entering the workforce than those retiring, exclusive to most other countries across the globe. Gaps in the Indian market commodities such as lumber, wine, education, biotech and frozen foodstuffs offer considerable export opportunities for New Zealand businesses, with Champion Freight well entrenched in the market to offer comprehensive and competitive logistics services to match your needs. Amongst our experienced team of freight consultants we have those that have personally lived in the region, providing an uncommon and invaluable insight into the local market, its culture, economic needs and challenges.

For more information on the import and export services Champion Freight provides to India, please contact us.

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As the most significant growing economic market in the world, Champion Freight has the experience and expertise to consistently deliver your freight on time throughout Asia. Request a free import or export quote today.

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