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Publication Delay

Champion Freight wishes to advise all customers of a delay in the publication of our monthly export reports for sawn timber and logs.

Statistics New Zealand

Published: 29 November 2016

UPDATE: 20th Jan 2017 - The latest export reports have now been published.

UPDATE: 13th Dec 2016 - A delay in the publication of our monthly export reports continues, pending the release of government statistics.

Release of the latest government trade data has been delayed following the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake which saw the closure of the Statistics New Zealand building in Wellington. This has resulted in the displacement of approximately 500 agency staff and extensive damage to the building and internal communications infrastructure.

At this stage we have no indication of when this information will be made available, though we will provide an update at the earliest possible time.

An elaboration of data from Statistics New Zealand, the Reserve Bank and the Ministry of Primary Industries, Champion Freight's free export reports are subject to the availability of information supplied. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Publication Delay
Statistics New Zealand
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