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Ever wanted to know the current location of a vessel anywhere across the globe? Want to visualise that location on a map? Now you can and best of all it's free.
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Track Ships

Published: 18 February 2016

Our latest website addition is here! See our live vessel map.

At first glance, our live vessel map appears to be like any other online map of New Zealand, save a splattering of multi-coloured icons scattered across the country. These seemingly random symbols are actually current vessel locations revealing maritime traffic in unprecedented scale and clarity within one concise online tool.

Free for use, the live vessel map is updated in real-time and is fully interactive. You can zoom in and out, pan to any location across the globe and even search for a vessel by name to reveal its current location.

The robust system features over 650 thousand marine assets (i.e. ports, vessels, lights) and 800 million positions recorded monthly.

Unlike other tracking services, GPS data is updated at regular intervals throughout a 24 hour period and not just when the vessel reaches a key milestone (i.e. arrives at port). This allows you to track a ship's progress at anytime, anywhere, referencing schedule information to verify delays or early arrivals.

You do not need to register to start using the service.

Search By Vessel Name

On the left hand side of the map you'll find a search tool (magnifying glass icon) which you can click to enter the vessel's name. Upon entry the map will automatically update and pan to display relative details. Select the ship's icon for more details.

Other Cool Features

We recommend you dive in and play around with the map tools to reveal even more valuable data. For example, if you select the 'Layers' icon (left side - immediately below the search icon) and then the 'Wind' tick box, the map will automatically update to reveal climate data, including wind speeds and direction.
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