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Truck vs Train

It was always going to be a one-sided contest of brawn, but we're left wondering what possessed a truck driver to manoeuvre his rig onto tracks despite flashing railway warning signals.
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Truck Sliced In Half
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Train Slices Truck In Half

Published: 29 January 2016

This is what happens when a truck collides with a speeding train. CCTV cameras in the Czech city of Frydek-Misteck captured the dramatic crash in December 2015, promoting officials to urge drivers to remain vigilant at all railway crossings.

The clip shows the truck attempting to cross the intersection despite working railway signals which activated 40 seconds prior. Upon reaching the hallway point, the train collides at speed, splitting the truck in two and demolishing nearby signs.

Against the odds, no significant injuries were reported, with all 80 passengers aboard the train escaping unscathed. Damaged is estimated to NZ$44,000 and police had since spoken to the Polish truck driver, who is said to be 45.

Other Crashes

The crash in Frydek-Misteck follows a similar accident in the Czech city of Studenka, which killed three people and seriously injured 17 when a train collided with a truck in July 2015.

Like the Frydek-Misteck crash, railway warning signals were ignored (activated 30 seconds prior), with CCTV footage showing the truck entering the crossing moments before safety gates swing into place. Instead of ramming through the gates, which are specially designed to break away while automatically transmitting a stop signal to the train, the truck stops on the tracks. Moments later, the train impacts at 160 kmph (99 mph) disintegrating the truck which was laden with aluminium sheets.

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