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[Watch] Tipper Crashes Into Sign

How does a truck manage to hit a motorway sign suspended approximately seven metres in the air over a busy highway? It's not the world's biggest truck nor is its cargo to blame.


Published: 11 December 2015

It's one of those moments that will leave you asking, why? How could this happen?

Dramatic dash cam footage shows a truck travelling at speed down a highway, reportedly in the Middles East, with its rear tray raised. Filmed in a car travelling behind the lorry, horns can be heard warning the truck driver to stop before the inevitable impact. Moments later, the top of the tipper can be seen crashing into an overhead motorway sign which is estimated to weigh several tonnes.

Another vehicle following the truck can be seen slamming on the brakes to avoid collision as the sign crumbles to the ground. Surprisingly the lorry remains upright, swaying precariously from side-to-side following the impact.

It is not known whether anyone was injured in the accident or why the rear of the truck was raised. Whether the driver simply forgot to lower the tray or there was a mechanical malfunction remains a mystery.

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[WATCH] Tipper Crashes
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